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db Group.be is an entity that combines experience and know-how in the field of graphics and printing.
But it is also this little indefinable touch that explains why so many clients entrust us with their work, simple or complex, sometimes under very tight deadlines.
db Group.be, it’s also respect for the environment, which is why we use FSC or PEFC certified paper, vegetable-based inks and all our waste is recycled.


Our solutions

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db Print.be offers you its offset and digital printing services (in small, medium and large format).

logo db Studio

db Studio.be it is a graphic studio on a human scale made up of graphic designers [of normal size] who take care of the complete production of your communication media.

logo db Publishing

db Publishing.be it is the publication of digital solutions (e-magazine, sending of newsletters, creation of a printshop or other platform).

The efficient db Group.be for the efficient people.


Digital printing

From the printing of your variable data mailings to the A0 poster, db Print.be is equipped with a varied fleet of latest-generation machines.

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offset printing

Equipped with HUV technology, our Komori 4 and 8 color presses allow us to speed up the manufacturing process: thanks to the HUV process, the printed sheets can be directly shaped, no more drying time required.

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Finishing & Routing

For digital or offset printing, any type of finish possible such as Wire-O, PUR glued back, lamination, perforation, cutting, stitched back… We also carry out wrapping, putting in envelopes and the deposit at the Bpost center.

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Graphic adaptation, clean-up and/or layout of leaflets, brochures, posters or other communication media.

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Web Design

Shaping your web projects consists of thinking and designing a website in such a way that the user experience is the best possible. It remains to define what a good user experience is. Among the important elements of the user experience, we find the appearance of the site and its ergonomics (consistency of design, placement of elements, etc.), its ability to reassure the user of its credibility (no errors, identification of the company, testimonials, etc.), the ability to adapt to the different terminals used by users: mobile, tablet, laptop, large screens, etc.

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E-mailing Design

Creating your newsletters and emailings is an important step. Your emails must present well and make people want to read them. The layout of the elements and the graphic choices will influence the reading of your prospect, the latter could then, unconsciously, follow a reading path that you have consciously created.

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Web & mails publishing

The process of publishing original content for the net or for emailing includes the construction, development, updating of dedicated web pages as well as the posting of the content of these pages online. Post content may include text, video, images, and other forms of media. The Internet user must intuitively and easily find the information sought (internal search engine, categorization of content, etc.). SEO must allow users to find or find the site easily from search engines. Ease of use is an important element: for example, a smooth ordering process for an online store.

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Community management

Create images and generate content to support your advertising campaigns through the various social networks [facebook, linked-in, twitter…]

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Advertising management

Our role is to find advertisers to reduce the cost of the media you publish: magazines, catalogs, websites… We offer you a niche advertising agency, with a very specific approach and prospecting: specialized magazines, B2B, B2C… Our team also specializes in the promotion of events: shows, fairs, directories, catalogs, programs.

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Boulevard de Paepsem, 11 A

1070 – Bruxelles



Phone : +32 2 526 84 40

Fax : +32 2 524 43 45




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