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db Group.be is an entity that brings together experience and expertise in the area of graphics and printing.
However, a certain je ne sais quoi also explains why so many clients trust us with their projects, ranging from the simple to the complex and often within very short deadlines.
db Group.bealso about respecting the environment, which is why we use FSC- or PESC-certified paper, plant-based inks and recycle all our waste.


Our solutions
logo db Print

db Print.be offers offset and digital printing services (in small, medium and large format).

logo db Studio

db Studio.be is a people-focused graphic design studio of designers who can take charge of the complete creation of your communication media.

logo db Publishing

db Publishing.be is about publishing digital solutions (e-magazines, sending of newsletters, creations using Printshop or other platforms).

The efficient db Group.be for the efficient people.

Digital printing

From printing of variable-data direct mailing campaigns through to A0 poster format, db Print.be uses a varied selection of latest-generation printing technology.

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Offset printing

Equipped with HUV technology, our 4- and 8-colour Komori printing presses allow us to speed up the production process. Thanks to the HUV process, the printed sheets can be worked directly with no more drying time required.

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Finishing & mailing

For digital or offset printing, all types of finishes are possible, such as Wire-O, PUR binding, lamination, perforation, cut-out, saddle stitch, etc. We also offer shrink wrapping, placing in envelopes and dropping off at the Bpost sorting centre.

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Graphic design

Graphic adaptation, formatting and/or page layout of leaflets, brochures, posters or other communication media.

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Web Design

Developing your web projects involves conceiving and designing a website to offer the best possible user experience. Of course, what exactly constitutes a good user experience is a question for debate. Important elements of the user experience include the appearance of the website and its user-friendliness (coherence of the design, placement of elements, etc.); its ability to reassure the user about its credibility (absence of errors, presence of company contact details, customer reviews, etc.) and compatibility with the different devices that visitors use to access the site: smartphone, tablet, laptop, big screen, etc.

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E-mail Design

The creation of your newsletters and e-mail campaigns is an important step because your e-mails must look good and make internet users want to read them. The layout and graphics used will influence how they are read by your prospective customer: he or she might then unconsciously follow a reading path that you have consciously created.

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Web & e-mail publishing

The process of publishing original content for the net or for e-mailing involves building, developing and updating dedicated web pages as well as posting the content of such pages online. The content published can include text, videos, images and other forms of media. Internet users must then be able to easily and intuitively find the information they are looking for (internal search engine, categorisation of content, etc.) Search engine optimisation must enable users to easily find the site from search engines. Finally, ease of use is an important factor, e.g. the ordering process for an online shop.

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Community management

Creating images and generating content to support your advertising campaigns via different social networks [Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, etc.]

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Advertising sales department

Our role is to find advertisers so as to reduce the cost of the media through which you publish: magazines, catalogues, websites, etc. We offer a niche advertising sales department that uses a highly-specialized approach to prospecting clients: specialized magazines, B2B, B2C, etc. Our team also specializes in the promotion of events: trade shows, fairs, directories, catalogues, programmes, etc.

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Clients we work with


Boulevard de Paepsem, 11 A
1070 – Bruxelles


Telephone: +32 2 526 84 40

Fax: +32 2 524 43 45



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